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Phoebe Hamann Music Scholarship

The 2019 Phoebe Hamann Music Scholarship was awarded to Olivia McBeth. Olivia has played violin for 10 years. She also plays oboe and saxophone (and piano, guitar, English horn) and was varsity drum major last year at Lincoln Southwest High School. She’s been recognized as an outstanding chamber musician and has performed with the All-State Orchestra and various Honor ensembles throughout Southeast Nebraska. Livy is currently a music education major at Doane University.

Past Recipients

2018 - Grace Dowd
2017 - Grace Pugh, Violin
2016 - Annemarie Schubert, Violin
2015 - Mary Dowd, Viola; Ben Hadley, Violin
2014 - Charles Dowd, Violin
2013 - Samantha Noonan, Cello
2012 - Erich Gebers, Cello
2011 - Ian Wright, Double Bass
2010 - Sam Loeck, Double Bass
2009 - Keaton Soto-Olson, Double bass
2008 - Lauren Taylor, Violin
2007 - Ashley Rathjen, Violin
2006 - Jessica Dussault, Cello
2005 - Jessica Rajewich, Violin
2004 - Megan Murphy, Viola

Charles Hamann Music Scholarship

The 2019 Charles Hamann Scholarship was awarded to Jarod Wenger. Jarod has played trumpet for 8 years and is a graduate of Lincoln North Star High School. In addition to his high school music program, Jarod participated in UNL Trumpet Day, area Honor Bands, and the Masonic All-Star Marching Band. He was a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, a program of the National Association for Music Education. Jarod plans to study music education at Doane University in Crete.

Past Recipients

2018 - Sean Lebita
2017 - Liam Hughes, Trombone
2016 - Lukas McIlhaney, Flute
2015 - Erich Gebers, Cello; Matt Eschliman, Trombone and Piano
2014 - Madeline Noonan, Horn and Voice
2013 - Sam Beck-Johnson, Bass
2012 - Sarah Wolf, Flute
2011 - Laurel Woodring, Violin; Helen Dowd, Violin
2010 - Caleb Bryan Groves, Flute; Natalie Brening, Violin
2009 - Lacey Atkinson, Violin
2008 - Kirsten Wissink, Violin
2007 - Marc Bettis, Violin
2006 - Anne Marxhausen, Violi

VELA Scholarship

The VELA Scholarship, offered by The Violin Shop, was awarded to Danielle Bare.

Danielle is a graduate of Lincoln Southeast High School. Her primary instrument is viola, but she also plays violin and cello and has enjoyed playing in the pit orchestra for school musicals. She is a former member of JYO and LYS and performed with the All State Orchestra. She won awards for her work as a chamber musician. Danielle played with the LSE Strings Quintet and arranged music for the group to perform.

Danielle plans to attend UNL, majoring in viola performance with an emphasis in music composition. 

Other Scholarship Awards

From time to time, our Scholarship Committee chooses to award additional scholarships, often given in honor of SAIL Camp Board Members or SAIL Camp anniversary years.

Past Recipients

2017 Compass Rose Scholarship
Brendon Gibbons

2016 Compass Rose Scholarship
Alex Wooten

2014 Compass Rose Scholarship
Lauren Bydalek, Piano

2012 Compass Rose Scholarship
Sarah Knuth Baker, Violin

2012 Compass Rose Scholarship
Max Oehlertz, Viola

2009 SAIL Camp 25-Year Scholarship
Jennifer Zumwalt, Violin

2009 Marilyn Kelley Scholarship
Johannah Bashford, Cello