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VELA Scholarship

The VELA scholarship is offered by The Violin Shop in Lincoln as part of its ongoing commitment to string players at every stage of development, from beginner to professional. This scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2019 as part of SAIL Camp's 35th anniversary celebration. VELA – the sails – is a constellation in the southern sky, and now a scholarship to help young musicians chart their course and navigate toward a stellar future. This award is designed for a strings player who continues to participate in a music program at the college level. The applicant need not be a music major. This scholarship, given in an amount not to exceed $1000, is available to former SAIL Camp interns or participants attending a Nebraska college or university. 

Requirements for Applicants
The applicant must be a strings player, a former SAIL camp intern and/or participant, and be enrolled in a Nebraska college or university. The applicant may declare any major area of study. The applicant must plan to participate as a strings player in an ensemble at the college level (a university orchestra or a local civic ensemble). Upon verification of enrollment and ensemble participation, the scholarship award will be deposited directly in the recipient's student account for application to the expenses of attending that Nebraska institution. This is a non-renewable scholarship.

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