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Honors Orchestras

SAIL Camp's Honors Orchestras are select string ensembles for students entering middle school and beyond. Students in these ensembles play longer and more complex music while developing ensemble skills through large heterogeneous group rehearsals. There are two levels of Honors orchestra, Cadenza and Encore, so all students can have a fun and rewarding experience at SAIL Camp.

The Cadenza Orchestra is for students with at least two years of experience playing their string instrument. These students may have little or no experience playing in an orchestra, but should be comfortable reading and playing music of various styles in different keys, across all strings on their instrument. Though age is not the only factor in determining the best ensemble for your student, the Cadenza Orchestra is suitable for the typical strings student entering 6th-8th grade.

The Encore Orchestra is for advanced student musicians with at least four years playing their string instrument. Students signing up for Encore Orchestra should be comfortable playing music that requires shifting, is written in multiple keys or meters, and contains advanced bowing techniques. These students should be willing and able to learn music quickly both in and out of rehearsal. High school students and advanced middle school students will push their abilities and musicianship to new levels in this ensemble. 

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