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Below is a collection of answers to the most-commonly asked questions from our campers and their parents. 

If you can't find an answer you're looking for, just ask us.

  • Does SAIL Camp provide an instrument for my student?

    No. You will need to get an instrument through Lincoln Public Schools or a local vendor. Please make sure you have the instrument in time for the first day of camp.

    If you qualify for free or reduced lunch through Lincoln Public Schools, you may apply to use a Fee Waiver Instrument. The current policy of Lincoln Public Schools states that only violins are available through this program. If your child registers to play violin at SAIL Camp, you can arrange with Mr. Wright to receive a fee waiver violin. You may contact Mr. Wright at by email:
    All appropriate paperwork must be completed before camp begins. It is your responsibility to have the instrument in hand before camp begins. All Fee Waiver instruments must be returned to SAIL Camp staff immediately following the SAIL Camp Concert.

  • Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch and attend an LPS school qualify for a 50% reduction in SAIL camp fees. The reduced fee for Overture or Intermezzo Camp is $40.00 and the reduced fee for Cadenza and Encore Orchestras is $45.00. Please contact us for more information or to apply for a scholarship.

  • What if my child can not be in attendance for the full week of camp?

    It is possible for your child to miss one day of camp and still participate. If you know your child will miss the first two days or more, we ask that you not register for SAIL Camp, as this makes it difficult for our teachers to help your child learn the foundational material that is taught in the early days of camp.

  • What if my child can not attend the final concert?

    Participation in the final concert on Saturday is optional. However, we highly encourage students to participate, as this gives them a performance opportunity as part of a large ensemble. Our final concert is also a wonderful way for parents and other family members to see and hear everything your child has learned at SAIL Camp.

  • Can SAIL Camp accommodate a student with special needs?

    Parents of students requiring additional services should contact Mr. Wright at

  • What are the age and grade level requirements for SAIL Camp?

    SAIL Camp is open to students entering fourth grade and older. No students are allowed to come to SAIL Camp before fourth grade regardless of experience. Students entering fourth grade who have private lesson experience may attend the Experienced Camp session.

  • My student is entering 6th grade. Are they ready to join the Cadenza Orchestra?

    With the addition of a second honors camp at SAIL Camp, the Cadenza Orchestra has been situated to accommodate most incoming 6th graders in LPS with two years of completed study on their instrument. Though these students may have little or no experience playing in a large orchestra, "they should be comfortable reading and playing music of various styles in different keys without note names and/or fingering numbers written in." SAIL Camp recommends reaching out to your student's elementary school or private lesson orchestra teacher if you are unsure.

    Students should be reminded that Honors Orchestra is different from other camp sessions. There is no singing, play time, or Ship's Store connected with the Honors Orchestra.

  • Which honors orchestra is right for my student, Cadenza or Encore?

    For most 6-8 grade students in Lincoln, we envision Cadenza Orchestra being the correct fit. 9-12 grade students, please register for our Encore Orchestra. There are two main exceptions:

    Up and coming 6th graders- See the previous question in this section.
    More advanced incoming 8th graders- If you feel comfortable "playing music that requires shifting, is written in multiple keys or meters, and contains advanced bowing techniques," you may be ready for Encore. These students should be willing and able to learn music quickly both in and out of rehearsal. If you are unsure if you are ready to move up, contact your 8th grade strings teacher or your private teacher to ask for their opinion.